I have been practicing professional counseling since 1993 when I graduated from University of Wisconsin, Madison from the Masters Rehabilitation Psychology Program.  I provided community based services for 4 years in Madison Wisconsin serving individuals with severe and persistent mental illness live independently in the community.  I then went into county administration for 5 years in rural Wisconsin.  In 2003 I opened up a private practice outpatient clinic in Shell Lake WI which I sold in 2011 when I moved to Cody WY where I continue my private practice.  During this time I have raised two amazing children who are young adults exploring the world. During my first 3 years of  private practice I also provided emergency services for FEMA in Burnette County and Rusk County supporting survivors of two devastating tornadoes.

I am currently the vice president of Park County National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. I am on the Wyoming Governor's Advisory Committee for Mental Health and Substance Abuse. I am also the president of the Boot and Bottle Riding Club in Cody WY.

I embrace all faiths and support you in your journey to peace through your path. You have all the answers, you know who you are, I just help you remember this.  Some of the most influential teachers in my life have been  Eckahrt Tolle, Buddah, A Course in Miracles, The Dali Lama, Nit Nat Han, Mooji, the Holy Spirit and Jesus.  


Working in rural areas most of my life it is difficult to specialize in one population.  However, some of my strengths are working with woman, people experiencing anxiety, post traumatic stress syndrome, and mood disorders.I also have done a lot of work with individuals experiencing co-dependency which often stems from dysfunctional childhoods.  I have been in recovery from drugs and alcohol for 30 years and specialize working with persons with dual diagnosis and persons who have struggle with characteristics of being an adult child of an alcoholic.  I also feel a great calling to counseling persons with severe and persistent mental illness.

I believe we all have a purpose in this journey we call life.  In 1993 I found mine.  Supporting, advocating and partnering with individuals with severe and persistent mental health issues.  In my masters program I worked with an international research program, Program of Assisted Community Treatment (PACT), in Madison Wisconsin.  PACT provides, intensive, team based, community based professional outreach treatment.  I met several individuals disabled by their illness who had been living in institutions most of their lives, but now moved to the community with intense services.  I was touched by the beautiful, intelligent, creative and uplifting individuals who where tormented by these diseases everyday.  Some heard music and some heard voices or believed a different reality than most of us everyday, every hour, every minute and every second of every day.  They were challenged with living in two different realities.  Some would have such severe symptoms that hygiene was an unmanageable task without queues and support due to so many other things to attend to in their mind which had no end in site.  And the cause of these diseases is no fault of their own.  Some had been at the top of their class in college when this disease set in. Causes of such illness include genetics, physical or emotional trauma and severe stress.

My purpose and mission was clear, to support, advocate, and partner with individuals disabled by severe and persistent mental illness.

Not all people with severe mental health issues are disabled by their disease.  There are many famous people whose  disease has made them some of the greatest people to enlighten our world. 

Most recently I am exited to here about research from Oregon emphasizing early intervention for persons with severe and persistent mental illness.  This makes much sense.  Every time an individual has a relapse there base line of functional ability and their symptoms get worse for the duration of their lives. The research shows significant benefit from providing treatment at the time of the first episode which creates greater probability of individuals reaching their greatest potential.  Currently, people do not receive mental health services for 6-7 yrs after first symptoms and diagnosis. 

If you are struggling with mental health challenges or have a friend or family member struggling with mental health challenges, please reach out for help.  There is help for people who "Show Up"  for life.  Believe me, I understand this is no easy task, but a life of true peace is waiting for you.  Call today, tomorrow never happens.

Providing Compassionate Counseling in an office setting, community based, online/ telecommunication and residential.

Soar Counseling Services Inc.

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